FW18 - Take a Different Path

For FW18 Reebok Classic asked us to create a film that would reference their pioneering history and importantly connect with its youth today by championing the 90s, using the re-release of the Aztrek OG and Rapide as emblematic examples of the decade’s styles and movements permeating with today’s audience.

We drew inspiration from our immediate surroundings, looking first at subcultures that were born in Europe in the 90s, then at the talents and influencers whose identities and pursuits keep the bold and irreverent spirit of Reebok, and the pioneering decade, alive today.

The resulting film takes you on a journey through a cultural climate that walks the line between then and now. Told by a rich mix of London influencers, brought on board by La Familia and who’s genuine contribution to today’s cultural landscape helped authenticate the scenes on screen – movements born in the 90s that still impact and influence attitudes of today.

Enhanced by the articulation of poet James Massiah, our creative is employs a layered visual language to deliver the affectionate feelings of nostalgia repackaged for the contemporary.